Tradition and Innovation


Thomas Meuwissen concentrates on the making of string quartet instruments. Keeping in mind the already existing violin making traditions, his focus lies on developing his own style when it comes to sound and form. Creating exact copies has never been an aim in itself, only an instructive stage in his career as a violin maker. While drawing on the classical masters, he seeks a form of contemporary violin making. It speaks for itself that, along this pursuit, the 16th and 17th Cremonse and Venetian traditions play a major part. Additionally, he has a particular affinity for old Flemish tradition.


Meuwissen combines his knowledge with modern techniques and the results of recent scientific research into the history of violin making and the analysis of sounds and materials. All this contributes to his quest for top-quality instruments with their richness and magic. 

The Study and Copying of Historical Instruments

Detailed study of historical instruments gives Meuwissen an insight into the working methods of the early masters. This research is underpinned and enriched by an extensive library with specialised literature, a large database of photographic material, plaster casts and measurements. The high-quality instruments that are brought to his workshop for adjustments and care are objects of careful study. Furthermore, he examines renowned collections throughout the world and visits international exhibitions and auctions. However, it is the making itself and the creation of copies that remain the ultimate way of learning from past generations.