Follow-up: after-sales Service

An instrument's life only truly starts after it has been bought. No high-quality instrument is completely ready when handed over. It is like a newborn child and over the years will continue to develop an identity and timbre, defined by its owner and player. In cooperation with the violin maker, the musician can in the first few years adapt the instrument in such a way that it suits him or her best. This is why Meuwissen tries to keep track of his instruments as much as possible. The first two years, the instrument's maintenance is offered free of charge. As to improve it and keep it in perfect condition, Meuwissen encourages the musician to pass by regularly to discuss the instrument's development.

As a member of the Entente, Thomas Meuwissen can offer his clients access to a selective but top quality network of makers and dealers.

Violin or bow makers certified by the Entente Internationale are sure to offer the highest level of professionalism for all requirements related to string instruments.