Importance of Set-up

The set-up of an instrument (bridge, sound post, bass bar, elevation and strings etc.) has an enormous effect not only on the ease of playing. It is also a powerful tool to help an individual player to get the most out of the instrument in his or her personal way. Numerous subtle changes can be affected by very slight alterations in the cut, placement and materials of the set-up.


A sound optimisation starts with the analysis of the existing set-up followed by any basic changes thought necessary. Finer adjustments are made until the musician's personal sound ideal is reached.

The set-up of an instrument is always a personal matter, but in general the following qualities are aimed at:


-A great ease of playing with a fast and even response
-Focus in sound
-Largest possible range of colours
-An evenness of tone balanced over the four strings
-Each string has to be adjusted to every bow pressure, bow speed and position and shows different colours without breaking the sound