"Besides playing on my old Italian violin, I am also often playing on my wonderful Meuwissen violin which has a beautiful, fexible sound, a deep G-string and a brilliant E-string. My colleagues and audiences highly appreciate the instrument. I have seen and tried several of his violins, which were all made with real mastery and have a full, nice, round sound."  

- Igor Oistrakh, violinist - 



"I have known Thomas and his violins for some years now. His talent and dedication to violin making is very impressive. The violin he made for me has a very full, warm and juicy sound, and definitely with its own personality. Bravo!" 

Vadim Repin, violinist - 






"Today there is an important group of violin makers whose instruments offer a real alternative for those of the great masters of the classical period. Thomas Meuwissen is in my opinion a valuable representative of this generation. He possesses great knowledge and empathic power, artistic craftsmanship and a confident instinct for the material.
While playing his cellos I was convinced of the happy matching of power, elegance and playability as well as the beauty of the sound."
I recommend all my colleagues who are interested in new instruments, to get in touch with this remarkable violin maker.' 

- Valentin Erben, cellist - Alban Berg Quartet



"I don’t hesitate to call him one of the major talents in violin making of our time. The wonderful cello he built for me bears witness to his unique gift to combine the great heritage of the old Venetian masters with the skills of today, all this resulting in an instrument that shows its quality in sonority as well as design. I will follow his development with keen interest!"

 Harro Ruijsenaars, cellist 

Former first solo cello Concertgebouw Orchestra 

Professor at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and the University of Göteborg



"My Meuwissen viola offers me all I need for my work as a soloist in the orchestra as well as for chamber music. In this instrument I have found the ideal partner to fully explore my musical expression. It confirms my belief that new making can be as rewarding as the work of the old (Italian) masters."

Diederik Suys, violinist - Soloist of the Opéra National de Paris







"I have always been struck by Thomas’ drive, his love and passion for the trade, his great professional approach. Over the years he has developed his undeniable talent meticulously and with care. His work carries the traces of this mental approach and his strong personal involvement. Excellent craftsmanship … Captivating!"

Sigiswald Kuijken, violinist 

Baroque violinist

Founding member of La Petite Bande





"I have seen several cellos built by Thomas Meuwissen from different years. Just like the Meuwissen cello I play, they all show superb individual quality. Excellent craftsmanship, beauty of shape and varnish, as well as a flexible sound, convince me completely. 
The instruments respond easily to the player, the dynamic ranges are wide. The sound is full-bodied and projects in a concert hall. 
If the player has musical fantasy and technical ability, he will find all the colours he wants to produce." 

Maria Kliegel, cellist 

Cello Soloist

Professor at the Hochschule für Musik in Köln



"His instruments' quality and refinement astound me time and again. What makes them immortal is the love for the craft of violin making and the passion for tradition. Attention to the smallest detail brings forth their outer beauty and a wealth of tonal colour."

- Olsi Leka, cellist 

Cello Soloist of the National Orchestra of Belgium

Professor at the Brussels Royal Conservatory





"Thomas’ understanding of the old Italian masters' working style is reflected in the subtle nuances of his work. I believe his instruments, due to their conception and beauty, stand out amongst modern makers."

Christopher Reuning Violin expert, Boston 




"Thomas Meuwissen is a maker I have known for many years. His instruments have both style and power.  I regard him as one of the world's finest living makers. Beautifully crafted, these are instruments that really work!"

- Sean Bishop 

Musician and dealer in antique and contemporary instruments, London