Tonal Architecture: each Instrument is a Unique Creation

Each instrument is a unique creation that arises from intensive dialogue with the concerned musician.

As it enables a more purposeful approach, Thomas Meuwissen prefers to work on commission. That way each instrument becomes a personal and tailor-made creation. After all, when it comes to their instruments, musicians have specific demands: they look for a particular sound. A specific timbre, the instrument's look as well as the measurements, it can all be adjusted to the musician’s tastes and preferences. Meuwissen considers consultation, advice, cooperation and trust as crucial elements. More often than not, test instruments are available at his workshop. Musicians are more than welcome for a try-out session.

Timbre and Sound Quality

When making new instruments Meuwissen endeavours to create an instrument with a correct four string balance. Playability and a direct and focused sound are an absolute requirement. Its rich timbral spectrum allows for refined nuances. The instrument has an open sonority, rich harmonics and considerable power, which enables the solist to effortlessly stand out against orchestral playing. What is more, it brings with it a valuable sonorous potential that develops even more over the years as a result of the musician’s playing.