Models and Style

The choice of models is based on the instruments of the Cremonese School, dating back to the 16th and 17th century (Amati, Andrea Guarneri, Guarneri del Gésu and Stradivarius) and the venetian cello makers (Goffriller and Montagnana). Another major source of inspiration are the Flemish instrument makers of that same period (Hofmans, Willems and Bourbon).


The aim is perfection, but a living and organic perfection. History leaving its marks is what makes the old masterpieces so attractive. They are endowed with a spontaneity and richness of sound achieved by their makers' 'instinctive abilities'.

Thomas Meuwissen is attracted by the more roughly built instruments full of energy, power and suppleness as well as the highly-refined violins that radiate class in each and every detail. In his work he tries to achieve a synergy between the two. Without ignoring the demands of perfect proportions he allows for a sufficient amount of elbow room when it comes to artistic expression.