Creation of the Sound

In the entire making process, sound is of paramount importance. Every instrument results from a combination of craftsmanship in traditional violin making and knowledge of the most recent research.
Research into the effect of different models, arching and even varnish on the sound, allows to
create instruments that meet the musician's every biddingA string instrument must be the musician's reliable partner. The instrument's resonances need to provide the required acoustic foundations. This to shape its sound according to its voice.


Thomas Meuwissen's instruments are renowned for the following:

  • Good projection
  • A direct and focused sound
  • Power and radiance
  • Ease of response
  • Refined tonal quality and tonal colour
  • A wide dynamic range, each dynamic having its own qualities
  • Clear articulation and ease of playing

 The instruments have a high tonal quality and wide spectrum of timbres that allow for refined nuances and enable the musicians to express themselves and communicate their “music”